Occupations/Hobbies and/or Sports

Covers Dangerous

Whether you’re a stunt person, a roofer, an athlete or a dirt bike racer POM has got you covered. We do not discriminate or rate your premiums based on what you do for work or fun. Our plans start as low as $14 covering you at HOME, at WORK, at PLAY starting from the very first day of injury. We want you to have the peace of mind to live your life to the fullest doing the things you love to do!

Covers You On and Off the Job

Construction & Trades

Having a higher risk job shouldn’t keep you from finding affordable personal insurance options. At POM your premiums are not based on occupational risk, start as low as $14 and never increase based on the claims you make. Best of all you are covered ON and OFF the job whether at HOME or at PLAY starting from the very first day you’re sick or injured. This benefit pays on top of or instead of Worker’s Compensation (WCB).

At A Savings

Family Plans

Yes we cover your children too! Starting at $34/month POM offers a unique accident coverage for the whole family. Sickness coverage is also available. POM wants you to have the freedom to focus on the recovery if you, your spouse or your child gets sick or injured, rather than worrying about finances. We even pay for things as small as stitches and broken bones all the way up to the bigger stuff!

Whether retired or still working

Coverage Until Age 85

Traditionally disability coverage terminates at age 65 or upon retirement, whichever comes first. With POM we have solutions available to you before you hit your 70th birthday that give you guaranteed coverage well into your golden years. If you’re unable to work or enjoy your usual activities due to an injury or illness we have got you covered!

Supplemental to any other Insurance

Fills in The Gaps

At POM our goal is not to replace any existing coverage you have whether it be WCB, EI, group or spousal benefits, but rather to complement and fill in the gaps. Most injuries or illnesses have long since healed before 120 days, which is the waiting period common to most group disability plans. We want to help you understand what you have and see if you have gaps that may need to be filled!

Finding Ways To Cover Everyone

Insuring the Uninsurable

Do you think you’re unable to get coverage because you’ve been diagnosed with an illness or have been declined an insurance application before? At POM we have plans that ask only a short medical health questionnaire with no blood work or questions about family history. It’s worth a conversation as we pride ourselves in finding ways to insure everyone for something!

POM Protects You

Modern Insurance For Every Day Life

Plans For Any Budget, Income Or Lifestyle

Family Plans Cover Your Children Too


Dangerous Occupation/Activity




Coverage for Employees


Coverage Until The Age Of 85/Lifetime

Some Of The Ways POM Is Different

Living Benefits For Every Day Canadians
  • Pays Day 1 of an injury or sickness for individuals, families, non-income earners, children & retirees
  • Packages are tailor fit to meet your needs, budget & concerns
  • Policies can be issued virtually
  • Coverage 24/7, at HOME, at WORK or at PLAY, no matter what the activity or occupation
  • No risk assessment for job, sports or hobbies
  • Premiums never increase based on the number of claims made
  • Family plans available at a HUGE savings
  • Covers newborns & kids, up to retirement until age 85
  • Critical illness & cancer, heart & stroke policies cover for a lifetime
  • Covers pregnancy complications
  • Pre-existing sicknesses are covered after 24 months
  • Plans available to smokers without an increase in cost
  • Short sickness health questionnaire
  • Fills in the gaps from group benefits, WCB & EI
  • Pays cash directly to you, in addition to benefits provided by any other insurance company
  • You are never locked in
  • We will be there for you through the entire claims process
  • Ask us about our THANK YOU PROGRAM

Practical Plans for Every Budget

There when you need it most


Insurance With A Twist

Our mission is to educate that this type of coverage even exists. The company has been around for almost 100 years but has mainly been marketed in farming communities. We were hired to bring this into the major cities where there’s an increasing need for immediate, relevant and affordable personal coverage options.

We offer individuals and families coverage solutions that don’t discriminate. Regardless of income, pre-exisiting conditions, occupation or what you like to do in your free time everyone qualifies for an accident plan. A distinct feature is that premiums never increase based on the claims you make!

Do you skydive for fun or are you a professional downhill mountain biker? Maybe you’re a student or a homemaker. Whatever you do professionally or for fun, no matter how chill or dangerous, we can tailor fit a plan that best serves you.

Have you ever been declined insurance before because of a pre-existing condition? Check out our short Sickness Qualifying Questionnaire and you may be surprised what we can do. We pride ourselves in being able to find coverage for people who think they are ‘uninsurable’.

With 9 different accident and sickness plans to choose from, starting at $14/month for an individual or $34/month for your whole family, we are there when you need it most! We want you to go out there and live your life to the fullest without worrying about how to pay the bills if the unexpected happens-peace of mind!

We Pay Claims

At POM, we want to make things easy. Forget the 1-800 number. We take care of our clients, from creating the right plan to fit your needs, concerns and budget to assisting you through the entire claims process. Our claim to fame is that WE PAY CLAIMS!  We are here to make this easy!

When meeting any potential new clients we take the time to learn about you, your family, work, hobbies, lifestyle, concerns and of course budget. Understanding you allows us to better know what plans to show you so we can work together to build a package that’s right for you.

We understand flexibility is important.  What you have in place today may not be what works for you in the future. Maybe you’ve decided to have a family and now see the need for a family plan. Or, you’re earning less than you hoped, but still see the importance in getting protection. Start with a $14 accident plan and bump it up at a later date when things get better. Whatever the case, our goal is to work with you as your life changes.

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