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A Little Bit About Me

Licensed In Alberta, British Columbia & Newfoundland

I wanted to provide a look into who I am and why I believe in our personal insurance plans so much. I’ll be honest, never in my wildest dreams did I ever want to or think I’d be in the insurance industry. With a BA in Psychology and a BA in Criminology and Deviance, I spent five years as a Therapy Assistant for the Calgary Health Region. My role was to help to reintegrate those with mental illness back into the community.

As much as I enjoyed that, my intention was always to get my Master’s Degree in Psychology. Once my children were in full-time school I was going to start my own practice. In the meantime, I had the privilege of being a stay at home to my three children.

Looking For A Solution

Once we had our first child, we started looking into a disability policy for my husband who was now our sole income earner. As a business owner and subcontractor we were surprised at how expensive it was for a carpenter to get coverage. We were even more surprised that to make it remotely affordable we would have to wait 120 days to make a claim, permitting he was still massively disabled at that time.

We decided to take our chances and instead save that money in case something did happen. Well, with 1 income and a family of 5 other things always came up and we never were able to put those funds aside. Then about 4 years ago the unfortunate and unexpected happened where my husband sustained an off the job life-threatening brain injury.

Doctors advised he shouldn’t even consider going back to work for at least six months as the consequences could be catastrophic. But, as our proud, sole breadwinner he convinced me he was ok to go back after only one week. He didn’t want us to worry about how we could keep the bills paid and the roof over our head. It was the scariest time in our lives for sure, but I’m happy to report we made it through and my hubby is still with us.

An Unexpected Path To Insurance

Needless to say, this life-altering experience launched me into a hot pursuit to find an insurance company that provides affordable coverage that’s there when people need it most. Especially for someone who’s self-employed, has a dangerous job and enjoys most high-risk activities. A tall order indeed.

One year after the incident a friend of mine introduced me to a company that appeared to fit the bill. It covered accidents on and off the job, no matter how dangerous and paid starting with the very first day of an injury. It seemed too good to be true, but with limited options and a great deal of skepticism and hope, we got some coverage for my husband.

Family walking down the hill

Within three months, we made three claims for two separate broken bone injuries and a handful of stitches. Much to our surprise, we were paid for these back-to-back claims without incident or hassle. We immediately upgraded to a family plan and in 3 years have made a total of 10 claims between ourselves and our children receiving over $40,000 tax-free.

It was after our third claim I knew I wanted to become a part of this company. I feel compelled to share with everyone this type of insurance actually exists in the hopes to help other families not have to endure what we had to.

So, in this surprising twist of fate, here I am in the insurance world and loving it. I take great pride in introducing people to a company that’s changing the industry! Helping others has always been my passion. Although I’m doing so in a different way than ever imagined, I have discovered a meaningful and gratifying path to bringing individuals and families peace of mind in case the unexpected happens.

We love meeting new people, learning about their lives and seeing if there’s any way we can help. Our┬ácommitment to our clients is to take care of them from beginning to end. We give honest, straightforward information and when there’s a claim to be made we are there to help!

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A Quick Look At Our History

Rated A+ (Superior) By A.M. Best

The company started almost 100 years ago, 1922, mainly marketed in farming communities. The founder, W. Clement Stone (runner up to Mother Theresa for the Nobel Peace Prize), made it his mission to give farming families peace of mind by offering affordable coverage options that pay from the very first day of an accident or illness.

It has remained in rural areas until recently where major cities have been taking notice and recognizing how this applies to everyone in everyday life. It’s been making waves in the insurance industry as “that company that does things very differently”. The much-needed change provides individuals, families, and employees with a more modern, usable, and affordable way to protect themselves.

With an A+ (Superior) rating by A.M Best – a recognized authority used to report on the reliability of insurance companies – our financial strength and ability to pay claims quickly, fairly and accurately is what allows us to put those common negative stigmas associated with insurance aside.

We pride ourselves in the fact that WE PAY CLAIMS!