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    Looking for a change or maybe freedom from a 9 to 5, busting your butt for someone else?  Are you being rewarded and appreciated for all your hard work? Here you would have the opportunity to become an independent contractor, running your own business, working your own hours and building residuals.

    We are looking for ethical and professional people to help us spread the word that this type of insurance even exists! We have the vehicle to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives when an injury or illness strikes.

    If you’re thinking it seems implausible to see yourself in insurance connect to this link which illustrates how I got into this industry. It was an unexpected twist for me as well, but it’s with our teams support, encouragement and trainings that have seen me with the greatest growth and fulfillment in my life!

    To boot, the company pays for your training, so you don’t have to worry about start up costs! Let’s see if you’re a fit for us and we’re a fit for you.


    After learning this type of coverage even exists you are eligible for our thank you program! Whether the coverage is for you or not, you will likely think of someone who should know about it.

    At the end of every month we like to offer a thank you for sharing this little nugget with friends and family. Which would you prefer, gas cards, grocery cards or maybe an amazon card? You let us know what floats your boat. We just want to offer a token of our appreciation for helping us on our mission!